Top 10 Largest Economies By 2050: China, India, USA and the rest

The United States has been the global economic powerhouse for decades. It has had a significant lead over other economies, but China is rapidly closing the gap with the US. Even though China’s growth rate has slowed in recent years, economists predict its economy will surpass the US in the next few years. Other developed nations such […]

The U.S. Secretly Funded Research on UFOs, Wormholes, and Warp Drives

Documents show that the military has investigated a lot of fringe science. We already knew that the U.S. Department of Defense had secretly funded research on unidentified flying objects — yes, UFOs — thanks to 2017 reporting by the New York Times and the Washington Post. Now, new documents released by the Defense Intelligence Agency reveal that the program also studied a […]

Report: China poised to overtake US economy by 2020. America keeps losing ground

If a new report is to believed, the global economy is about to face a major shakeup. By 2020, China will have unseated the U.S. as the world’s top economic powerhouse. By 2030, the U.S. will also fall behind India, according to MarketWatch. Ultimately, the rankings will be determined by the well-being of each country’s middle class, according to […]

Russia is dumping US dollar from its huge reserves, shifting into euros and yuan

Russia’s central bank dumped $101 billion in U.S. holdings from its huge reserves, shifting into euros and yuan last spring amid a new round of U.S. sanctions. The central bank moved the equivalent of $44 billion each into the European and Chinese currencies in the second quarter, according to a report published on late Wednesday by the […]

An Indian Company Announced 63,000 Job Openings… 19 Million People Applied

In February, the railway system in India announced that it was recruiting for some of the most basic and menial positions in its organizational hierarchy. It was looking for positions like helper, cleaner, track maintainer and rail switchman. It announced 63,000 vacant jobs it was trying to fill. It got 19 million applicants. Those applicants included people […]

It’s Been a Turbulent Year. Emerging Markets Are Waiting For a Better 2019

Emerging markets are rounding off the year with few excuses to keep floundering into 2019. After a turbulent year that threatened to turn into a rout as U.S. monetary conditions tightened and the trade war erupted, markets are finally showing some strength — in part because valuations have fallen so low. While the currencies, stocks and local-currency bonds of developing economies […]

In a new year of economic uncertainty, gold is a bright prospect again

The recent gyrations in the FTSE 100 and the tumbling price of oil may have captured public attention, but in the last four months the FTSE All-Share index has lost 12% of its value and the gold price has jumped 10%. If any two figures really show how nervous traders have become about the new […]

This Is The Worst Year For Hedge Funds Since The Financial Crisis

It’s no secret that most hedge funds have had a particularly difficult year, and now that we have 11 months of data, it’s become clear that 2018 is the industry’s worse year since the global financial crisis. Between investor redemptions and performance-based losses, the hedge fund industry has shed 3.4% of its assets under management so […]

Global stocks sink after Fed hike, bonds rally

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Global equity markets gave up earlier gains and continued a weeklong sell-off on Wednesday after the U.S. Federal Reserve announced a fresh interest rate hike and said “some” further rate hikes would be necessary in the year ahead. The decision, announced at 2 p.m. Eastern time (1900 GMT), slashed more than […]

When Americans fear China, what are they really afraid of?

Chi Wang says American paranoia about China is shaped by China hawks’ narrow views. It is unfortunate that the average American has learnt to be suspicious of the Chinese government, but has no awareness of the average Chinese. Today, it appears that US-China relations are at their lowest point in decades, and that perception on […]